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Build, Elevate, & Master Your LinkedIn Presence

Is your LinkedIn profile costing you opportunities?

Help me help you and invest in this course:

Build, Elevate, & Master Your LinkedIn Presence

What you'll get:

  • Learn the foundations + HOW to elevate your presence, including everything from one time actions to things you need to do consistently over time to help you optimize your profile
  • Learn HOW to cultivate influence and mastery through creating compelling content and a virtuous circle of engagement
  • Affirm your inherent worth and value
  • Create a profile that celebrates your strengths
  • Develop your voice and influence

Be prepared to experience a shift in your online presence as Maggie shows you how to make sure your LinkedIn profile is clear, clean, and compelling, so that you never lose an opportunity that should be yours.

💥 If you’re hungry for success and committed to improving your profile and presence on LinkedIn, this session is for YOU!

This course includes 5 BONUSES + access to a private Facebook group of high performers committed to LinkedIn Mastery.


Are you on LinkedIn?

Maybe you are and maybe you're not. Let's say you have a profile. Maybe you're not looking for a job and you haven't built it out and there's some resistance there. Maybe your company doesn't allow it. Maybe you're stuck and don't know where to start because there's so much information available and so many different features. Maybe you don't feel creative or you don't know how to articulate your value.

In Maggie’s work with her clients, here are some of the common things she sees: 

  • Sometimes the best and brightest assistants get passed over for opportunity after opportunity because, although it’s unfair, people judge their LinkedIn profile. People make an instant snap decision and move on. Don’t let that be you. 

  • Maybe you’re not looking for a new role, so you’ve neglected your LinkedIn profile. 

In this masterclass, Maggie walks you through every step she takes her 1:1 clients through to make sure their LinkedIn profile is clear, clean, and compelling, so that they never lose an opportunity that should be theirs. 

If you take this class, you’ll learn what to do and how to do it.

  • Discover exactly what you can do starting today to make sure your profile stands out. Learn the consistent actions you need to take over time to optimize your profile and get it noticed in more searches. 

  • Learn how you can cultivate influence and authority by creating compelling content and commenting on other people’s 

  • Get access to five bonuses and a private Facebook group of high-performers committed to LinkedIn mastery 


  • Skills - add the most sought after job skills found in job posts. Click, click, click - set yourself up in five minutes to receive endorsements and be found in searches

  • Banner - a done for you resource in the form of template to replace the standard, out-of-the-box image that says “I’m an amateur”

  • Groups to join right now where opportunities and connections are passing you by 

  • Follow these Influencers, start commenting on their content to cultivate your voice, increase your visibility, and to be seen as an expert EA not just “the help”

  • Hashtags to ensure the content you create and share is seen in the most active conversations that are happening right now 

If you’re hungry for success and committed to improving your profile and presence on LinkedIn, this course is for you.

Your Indispensable Guide to LinkedIn Mastery 

  • Get more opportunities

  • Show up in more searches

  • Command the price you want to get paid

What People Are Saying:

If it were not for Maggie Jacobs, I would not be on LinkedIn, amongst many other career enhancing decisions which Maggie confidently guided me towards when I was building my business. Meeting Maggie was divine timing for where I was at that time in my life, and I continue to learn from her every single time we talk!

Libby Moore

Maggie's LinkedIn class is amazing. I've been a high level executive for years and thought I had a great LI profile - Maggie's class gave me tons of pointers to enhance my profile and make it even more attractive to potential business partners and clients. I literally had no idea that I needed to make these improvements. Thank you Maggie for making this easy to understand and implement right away!

Jolynn Swafford